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Clinical or other actions taken in response to assessment of patients/families/communities within the incident management of the disaster event.

Interventions by nurses, such as basic first aid, patient care, and infection prevention and control, are critical to disaster and pandemic response and also help ensure a quicker recovery.

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Academic Articles and Books

Disaster Nursing: A Retrospective Review – Critical Care Nursing (2010)

  • Includes an overview of disaster nursing and a section dedicated to disaster nursing during and after a disaster.

Neonatal Nursing Care Issues Following a Natural Disaster – Perinatal and Natal Nursing (2008) [paywall]

  • Discusses several lessons learned about neonatal nursing care during emergencies, focusing on a case study of nurses responding to areas of the United States hit by Hurricane Katrina.

Risk, uncertainty, and medical practice: changes in the medical professions following disaster – Evidence & Policy (2019)

  • While not specific to nursing practice, presents a useful framework for thinking about medical practice following a disaster, including how risk and uncertainty can modulate practices, using the response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster as a case study.

Optimal qualifications, staffing, and scope of practice for first responder nurses in disaster – Journal of Clinical Nursing (2011) [paywall]

  • Reports on survey results collected from a group of nurses who responded to an earthquake in Wenchuan, China.
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Guidance and Training Documents

Physicians’ Responsibilities in Disaster Response & Preparedness – American Medical Association

  • Describes physicians’ roles and responsibilities in disaster response under the AMA Code of Ethics.

Disaster Response Guidance for Health Care Providers: Identifying and Understanding the Health Care Needs of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness – (2015)

  • Includes practical tools for healthcare providers to facilitate pre-disaster coordination and planning, disaster response, and recovery.
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Webinars, Podcasts, and Other New Media

Triage Nursing in Hospital Emergency Departments – Duquesne University (2019)

  • Infographic describing the practice of triage nursing.
International Resource Center for Pandemic and Disaster Nursing
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