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Steps taken to facilitate resumption of pre-event individual/family/community/organization functioning or moving it to a higher level.

Actions taken by nurses can help health systems resume normal functioning after an event.

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Academic Articles and Books

On the front lines of disaster recovery: Nurse practitioners fill the health care void – American Association of Nurse Practitioners (2020) [paywall]

  • Case study discussing the role and impact of nurse practitioners in response to Hurricane Michael.

Nurse Perspectives on the Practical, Emotional, and Professional Impacts of Living and Working in Post-earthquake Canterbury, New Zealand – Prehospital and Disaster Medicine (2015) [paywall]

  • Reports on lessons gathered through a qualitative analysis of interviews with nurse practitioners who led a recovery process following an earthquake in New Zealand.
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Guidance and Training Documents

Nurses and disaster risk reduction, response, and recovery – International Council of Nurses (2019)

  • Position statement outlining several core responsibilities of nurses in disaster recovery and including tractable recommendations for nurse practitioners and their organizations.

Nurses Play a Critical Role in Disaster Response – Nevada State College (2018)

  • Outlines several actions that nurses can take to play an active part in disaster recovery and provides descriptions of challenges that can help nurses envision what a disaster recovery process may look like.

Topic Collection: Recovery Planning – ASPR TRACIE

  • Continuously updated overarching collection of US-focused disaster recovery resources with lessons for far-reaching applications.

Recovery – California Hospital Preparedness

  • Although not specific to nursing, provides a list of resources for healthcare facilities discussing disaster recovery.

National Disaster Recovery Framework – FEMA (2022)

  • Includes access to the United States’ National Disaster Recovery Framework, which has applications beyond the US context, in addition to many other resources that help make the framework more manageable.
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Webinars, Podcasts, and Other New Media

Disaster Recovery EM.14.01.01 – The Joint Commission (2022)

  • Webinar providing a thorough explanation of disaster recovery within the healthcare system.
International Resource Center for Pandemic and Disaster Nursing
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